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The triangle constituted by "style-play-dream" can be sketched like this:

1. We will most likely agree that play can adopt a certain style. However, the play-style-dream triangle provokes more questions.

2. Does the dream have a style (through which it obtains its particular way of being)?

3. Does the theoretical notion of style have qualities that are dependent on an ontology of the dream?

4. Does the dream have play-like quality, that is, does its activity (especially in the domain of aesthetics) have affinities with play? Or is play itself a dream?

5. Does style proceed with the lightness of play?

6. Can play appear like a dream?

Contingency is a constitutive component of play and is related to style and to dream. The study of the links between style and dream (that are supposed to reveal the aesthetic nature of the dream) develop along the following propositions:

1. The style of the dream Style and its dependence on contingency

2. The contingency of play

3. Dream and its relationship with contingency and dream as aesthetic play.

(Extracts from my habilitation file, Jan. 2000)