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NEW 'Shades of Cool - Degrees of Kawaii' in The Los Angeles Review of Books Nov. 12, 2013.





Kuwait Cyberpunk - Kuwait Oilpunk





 'Barbie and the Power of Negative Thinking: Of Barbies, Eve-Barbies, and I-Barbies'

Kritikos: Journal of Postmodern Cultural Sound, Text and Image 9, 2012.


Review of Geoff Dyer's 'Zona. A Book about a Film about a Journey to a Room'

The Berlin Review of Books Nov. 26, 2012.



"What Does it Mean to be Cool?"

Lead article in Philosophy Now 2010 (free access).

Same article in Arabic


A Tale of Two Cities: Hong Kong and Dubai. The Aesthetics of Disappearance and the Aesthetics of Appearance.

Transcience 3:2, 2012.



'Female Tattoos and Graffiti' 

in Robert Arp (ed.) Tattoos Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am (Blackwell-Wiley, 2012) 


What is 'Philosophy of Film?' Entry for The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (30 pages).


"The New Surrealism: Loft Stories, Reality Television, and Amateur Dream-Censors" 

Janus Head 9: 1, 2006.



"Thoughts About Contemporary Chinese Architecture: When the Monumental Becomes Decorative"




Liquid Grammar, Liquid Style: On the East Asian Way of Speaking English or Reflections on the Linguistic Air-Guitar"

CTheory April 2006.



"Clony Virtual Dreamsphere" [on the "Stay Young Forever" Diesel advertisement campaign

CTheory Mai 2003.


"The New Mini and Japanese Pottery: Of Pasts and Pastes." (Followed by an interview with the Japanese potter RAKU Kichizaemon). 


A para-philosophical article on Lego: "Overcoming the Logos, Overcoming Lego: From Imagined Space to the Spatial Imagination of the Bionicle World" 

Kritikos February 2005.



1. "'Your Face is a Scape:' A Short Exercise in Facial Geomorphology." 

2. "In Praise of Blandness: Some Thoughts on Japanese Television."




Teaching Philosophy at a Black University in Alabama (in French)






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