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CULTURE, NATURE, MEMES: Dynamic Cognitive Theories

Edited by T. Botz-Bornstein (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008)

ISBN (10): 1-84718-663-7 ISBN (13):9781847186638

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I. Culture

1. Paul van den Hoven: Cultural Discourse Analysis and the Cognitive Process

2. Axel Gelfert: Learning from Others: Testimony and the Cognitive Role of Culture

3. Barry Hartley Slater: Dreaming of Consciousness

II. Nature

4. Peter Simons: The Emergence of Intentionality

5. Simone Gozzano: Language, Thought and, Mute Animals

6. Heidi L. Maibom: Thoughts of Rivals, Thoughts of Failure: How Emotions Affect Our Thoughts

7. Mark J. Cain: 50,000 Innate Concepts? Pinkerís Attack on Extreme Concept Nativism

III. Memes

8. Sandra Egege: Culture and Language as Social Construction: A Case Against Cultural Difference

9. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein: Can Memes Play Games? Memetics and the Problem of Space

10. Francisco Gil-White: Common Misunderstandings of Memes (and Genes)

11. Yujian Zheng: Memes, Mind, and Normativity 

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