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Thorsten Botz-Bornstein plays:

Schubert's Impromptu E-flat major Op 90 no 2


The Dar Al Athar Lecture, Kuwait: "China and America: Culture and Civilization." Part 1     Part 2

The "Do You Know What Philosophy Is?" video is here.




For pictures of Reima Pietila's Kuwait Buildings go to Kuwait Before-After and scroll down.




An Obituary of Ingmar Bergman






St. Louis
Conceptual Tourist Guide 2010




In Dreamland
A philosophical story for children and adults with outrageous absurdities, illogical constellations, and surrealistic nonsense (in German).






Mon ancienne chronique sur ma vie dans une universitÚ noire aux Etats-Unis se trouve en franšais sur mon blog Alobama